My Judo Thread

First off i would like to say that i train in both judo and bjj. I figured with all these constant judo vs bjj type threads i would create one of my own.

I started my grappling training after watching royce own guys in the ufc. Believe it or not this actually got me to start training judo. I had been doing some japanese jiujitsu, but when i saw judo i remebered myself saying this is closer to what royce does.

I would like to say that there is a difference between club judo and sport judo, It really does depend on the club. The judo club i train at spends about 45 minutes each session doing ground fighting, AT judo I learned many different variations of the straight armbar, the keylock, the triangle choke, as well as gi chokes. the sensei would let us do randori (free fighting) and would say, tachi waza over here (standup) and newaza over here. (groundfighting) Personally i would always work on groundfighting. So of course after a few years i became a pretty good grappler. Not a bjj champ level or anything but a decent grappler. I definitely have good control skills from judo.

Lately I have been doing bjj and i notice there seems to a little more emphasis on drills and working techniques, where as in judo we would just roll. I feel that bjj will improve my submission game, so i train it.

I also realize that my takedowns are kinda weak so i plan on doing some wrestling. I mean, why limit myself right i will add anything to my game if it can improve it.

Now in closing i wanna say that judo may not be for everyone, but judo clubs are a good place to train and there are some decent tecniques to be learned from judo.

What's your opinion on judo vs bjj for paragraph-waza.

I agree with HighBastard. I train in both. Currently I am a brown belt in judo. and I did about 4 months of BJJ. Due to time and money, I had stop BJJ.

My judo club is at the YMCA, but is really good, cause my sensi is world champion level judo player, and a former Iran national/army wrestling champ.

I definetely will start BJJ again once I have enought money.

BJJ lack the stand up, and judo lacks the ground game that BJJ has. If I can combine BJJ+Judo+wrestling, and with thai boxing ,I would be a kick ass MMA fighter.

I am still lacking in my take down, and ground game.

Stop bitching about bad judo, and just train whatever you can get your hand on.

zeerebel, if you want to fight competively you should be at Minoru at least once a week. - Koga!

I have trained in wrestling, judo, sambo, and BJJ for about 20 years combined.

A lot of the anti-judo/sambo bias on this site comes from the fact that most people on here are in the United States. The United States is not a good country in the world for judo. I would rank it around 30th.

It also is one of the best countries in the world for wrestling. That is why we see so many great MMA fighters from the US come from a wrestling background (Coleman, Hughes, Randleman, Kerr, Couture, etc.) and so few come from a judo background.

The US is considered the second best country in the world for BJJ behind Brazil. When a lot of BJJ guys go into a judo club in the US they are disappointed by the quality of instruction and the quality of players.

I don't blame the judo guys in the US for this, there are a lot of good players here, and also a lot of people who are trying hard to improve America's level of judo. If some of the BJJ trolls would go into a good judo club in the world (such as those in Russia, Japan, Korea, Poland, France, Ukraine, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, etc.) they would reailze just how tough the training and the players are.

When I bring some of my former judo/sambo teammates to the US, they are not impressed at all by the quality of judo in many of the clubs here. Most are recreational. There are some very good clubs in North America -- but not too many yet. Judo in the US will keep improving for a variety of reasons (including increased immigration from countries with excellent judo -- Armenia, Russia, etc).

Finally a intellegent thread on a much talked about topic.