My Junk Removal Business Update

I did an AMA about a year ago.

But I thought id post how we’re currently doing and answer any questions you guys might have.

For 2021, we are on pace to do north of $250,000 . We just had our best month …just shy of 27,000 for August.

We are getting ready to purchase a second truck with a goal somewhere between 450 and 500 K for next year

Fire away… if there’s anything you’d like to know


How much do you pay yourself.

You do sex changes ?


Is Junkman your real name?

Do you have junk in your trunk?

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What do you do for marketing/advertising? Did it change at the beginning vs once you were more well established?

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This. I’d like to start a small side gig business using my electricians license or possibly do some fancy rock work shit one day.

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Just want to say congrats man.

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How much would you guess your start up cost was for the first truck and other stuff?

Do you decline really dirty jobs? I’m thinking hoarder dirty nasty.

Congrats !!

Congrats and lets see them dumpers!

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Great question… and to be completely transparent this is one of my biggest FAILS at the moment… it’s one of those things that is hanging over my head driving me crazy and I haven’t got squared away yet.

I need to meet with our accountant and find out some of the information on how much I should pay myself… I’m not sure if it’s based off Workmen’s Comp. my other employees hourly rates or what where to even start, tbh

We pay our employees 17-20 dollars an hour… plus tips

Im also a firefighter btw, so I started Junk Removal as a side job


You changed your SN?

Yeah let me see your junk and I’ll quote you a price


Do you play the Sanford and sons jingle whil people are on hold to make an appointment?


Online… website, SEO, I write blogs, do videos, pay per click, google guaranteed is a good option, fb and multiple fb groups, Instagram etc

Print… door hangers, yard signs, post cards, letters, etc


Yes, we absolutely decline jobs. I don’t wanna put myself or our team members in crappy situations…literally

I paid 12 grand for my dump truck… that was a steal of a deal they’ve gone up in price in a hard to come by now.


Props to you. I actually like removing junk, I don’t think I could do this business here, guys like having shit in their yards.

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Awesome man!


No dumpsters… I have a Junk Removal dump truck and a trailer

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