My kid has her first wrestling tourney Saturday!!!

My oldest daughter has her first wrestling tournament on saturday. It's just a takedown tourney with her team, but god damn, I'm excited!!

It's just to kick off wrestling season for the kids.

She's done karate, open martial arts and bjj tournaments for about 5 years, but this is the most excited I've been for any of them.

I don't post much on the UG, but I'm pretty pumped!

WAR MOLLY!!! Phone Post 3.0

Where at?

Saskatoon. Pups and jr huskies. Phone Post 3.0

Cool, good luck!

every once in a while this cesspool has a decent thread...

have fun at your tourney... our team has about 10-15 girls with several of them nationally and internationally competitive... i love girls wrestling... no princesses and barbie dolls out on the mat... real athletes...

i will be getting on a bus tonight with some straight killers headed to tulsa for kick off this weekend... i can't fuk'n wait...

That's awesome. still trying to convince my girls and wife to take up martial arts....i'm thinking it's going to have to wait until they have to retire from gymnastics as they hit their teens.

All the best.

Right on. At the U? Phone Post 3.0

Shinsplint - Right on. At the U? Phone Post 3.0
Centennial. Phone Post 3.0

Good luck



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Go get em dad and daughter. Best of luck Phone Post 3.0

She took first. Whoop whoop!!! Phone Post 3.0