My kid must have sent 150 snaps yesterday

We drove to Boston for a day trip . It’s 90 minutes . He kept taking pics of everything and random stuff every other minute . I’m like what the hell are you doing? He said if someone snaps you you have to snap back . Who needs a pic of your calf or passing Biddeford Maine? This continued in the city and ride back . I mean obviously I can’t say anything with my post count but is Snapchat nonstop like this? I’ve never used it, I thought it was just for naughty pics

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Kid is fucked. You save the receipt?

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I dunno.

I guess it shows that the kid has friends to send shit to, so it could be worse…

My kids both went through a phase like this grade 8,9,10 on and off. It ends

I guess homosexuality is hereditary.


I’m guessing it’s like when texting came out and teenagers texted each other all day long like an ongoing never ending conversation.

If he snaps back it’s fine. If he uses the term “claps back” though he should be grounded.

Does your kid also like to play soccer…?

No but he got the fucking Mahomes haircut today

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It use to be just for adult naughty pics but it got rebranded for kids, now it’s for kids to send naughty pics… fucked up but that’s how the world is right now.

Good for you.


Kidfag probably hates Goonies like Dadfag


My girl does this as well, but to a lesser extent. She has multiple segmented conversations at once all day. Several of these snaps are telling people to repeat themselves since they can’t hear the message. Seems like a very inefficient way to communicate. She turns 30 next year, so maybe she’ll grow out of it. I’ll get Snapchat if I’m ever single again, as it seems to be very useful for receiving nudes.