My Kids' First Match (Practice)

As some of you know I just started (Oct.) coaching some middle school wrestlers. Aside from visiting a local high school team once a month, they have never really had any real exposure to wrestling. So what I did was, I researched which schools are among the top teams in my region and contacted their coach. I asked him if we could have a "practice meet" so that my kids and I could see where we stand. Of course he agreed knowin' that we're green and have ZERO experience. I told my kids the truth: "we are facing a top wrestling team and there is no pressure on you guys to win - just be yourself and fight your fight."

Well, the first match in... my BEST kid goes up against this kid that outweighed him by 20 lbs. (the other coach had no wrestlers his weight so I figured 'fack it' since it's just a practice tournament) and just smashed my guy... rackin' up points like whoa. I was scared and immediately doubted the whole thing, but the rest of my guys did AWESOME, even though we lost by just a couple of points. Anyway, thanks to Bryan Vetell again for coming down and helping us out. They definitely put his tools to work. Hopefully I can get some more pros to pick up my slack. lol

Nothing like wrestling (grappling) though, imo.

Great attitude and role model. Props.


Thanks, Fabes!