My knee hurts! Whats wrong?

My left knee hasnt been 100% for a couple months, I sometimes feel pressure when im doing like butterfly stretches. Sunday night I was training, kicking the cement bag, 4-6 rounds of boxing and about 30 mintues of rolling. I didnt get tweaked or anything that night, but when I woke up Monday, my knee was hurting, I have some on the inside of my knee and at the top of my kneecap. It hurts to walk on it. WHat may be the problem?


how is your back feeling???

Too tough to say: the best way to find out if it is an injury or just overuse, take a week off and take aleve twice a day. Come back slowly, if the same pain comes back quickly, you may have a knee injury

You should not be training if your knee has been hurting for that
long--see a doctor and get an mri if this is a chronic problem--
could be something torn-