My Knife X-mas Bonanza

Guys, I must say, as a knife enthusiast, nothing says X-mas like getting a knife.

Couple that with a 5 year wedding anniversary, and I got a bonanza from the Mrs. this year.

Here are the goodies I'm receiving:

1) Camillus OVB Southwest Bowie in 0176, 11" blade, Desert Ironwood

2) Camillus OVB Bowie, 7" in 0176 blade, Desert Ironwood

3) Cold Steel Black Bear Classic, 8" AUS8A blade, black micarta handle

4) SOG S1 Bowie, 6.25" blade in SK5 Carbon steel, leather epoxied handle

5) SOG S2 Bowiein AUS8A, 6.25" blade, black micarta handle

6) 2 John Greco Whispers in 0786 (I think), 5.5" black, black micarta with index finger choil.

I don't have pic-posting capabilities, so if a forumite could lend a hand, I'd appreciate it

Happy Holidays gang!

A bonanza indeed!

send 'em to me -

damn dude.

Hey Aaron:

Thanks man, I'll send you the pics today.

Everyday is like a dream for me. :)

man, you're STOKED, congrats! Now what did YOU get HER? :D



thanks dude! I got her some MAJOR bling, hence the gift of knife arsenal. She's so happy with hers, she doesn't take them off when she sleeps. Literally.