My lady has covid

i did pick some oranges and lemons for some hot toddies

only good part about getting sick.

i’m starting to feel it now.

one more question… anything you guys wish you had done early on? i’m trying to will myself to sauna but its 100 degrees out. took ivermectin, zinc, c, d, elderberry, some fire cider, magnesium, beef liver, and milk thistle. most of those i take every day anyway. i just don’t want to have any regrets if it does get bad like it did for bigchief.

on his advice i emailed the doctor and asked for them to prescribe the kitchen sink pre emptivley for the weekend. i don’t know if they’ll do anything or not.

since i haven’t been sick for so long i’m worried it might hit hard.

For me, day 2 and 3 were the worst. Day 1 was a scratchy throat and no fever. Day 2 it hit me like a truck. Fever got up to 103 and stayed at 101-103 for the next 10 days if I didn’t use any fever reducr. I actually didn’t take any fever reducer for the first 6 days because a fever is your body’s natural way of fighting off infection so I tried to let that go as long as I could stand it. But after 6 days I said screw it and I just couldn’t stand the feeling of having a fever sit between 101 and 103 for any longer. I had night sweats and major fatigue. Normally I sleep 6 hours a day. When I had covid I was sleeping between 12 and 16 hours a day. Zero appetite but I understood the importance of eating so I forced myself to eat which was harder than I would have thought. I did get on some supplements when I was sick but admittedly I don’t routinely take any vitamins or most medicine frankly. So I didn’t start taking zinc and magnesium and vitamin C and vitamin d etc until after 48 hours of symptoms. I was on the phone with medical professionals a handful of times and they wouldn’t prescribe me anything. They did shame me for not getting vaccinated though. And they were literally no help whatsoever because they couldn’t tell me anything to take other than if I got sick enough I should go to the hospital. That was two different physician assistance and one doctor. Useless all three of them.

Anyway once the fever was gone I developed a nasty sore throat and a cough that persisted for 4 weeks. I didn’t get any lower respiratory symptoms but covid caused me to get a sinus infection that I ended up having to take antibiotics for. But once I took antibiotics and clear the sinus infection I finally felt normal again.

Good luck buddy.


thanks for sharing that man. glad you’re finally feeling better. i’m not gonna lie i’m pretty nervous. trying to decide right now if the sauna is a good idea. no fever yet. induce one? i think i will.

i have a feeling my doctor will do the same. they are garbage.

you’re completely on your own when it comes to health. they are just as likely to fuck you up as they are to help you.

quick update. my lady is doing so much better. fever has gone down and now she just has a minor sore throat. i still haven’t tested positive and we’ve been in close contact. this is day three and she only had one pretty rough day. i’m starting to unclench my ass cheeks a bit.

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I have had the flu or covid all week been mostly bed ridden but getting better now

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good man. a few people on here are dealing with it this week. glad your on the mend.

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Every day seems easier than the last

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Yeah, if you guys are healthy, it won’t be an issue.

Stay hydrated.

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270lbs lol

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Both daughters have had it, 1 of them 2x. Wife and I never did and we didn’t quarantine either in the basement. Went on about life normally. Of course I got 3 x quarantined by my employer over it, but paid time off is good.

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I will not test for it again unless actually sick. Although my company forces but pays us to stay home, they take it out on our annual performance agreement bonus for absenteeism…even though we say we aren’t sick and will come in, and they say don’t come in.

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Same boat here, wife has it (we think she has had every variant - she has autoimmune disease so easy to catch it). First one was super early on and didn’t realize it was covid as it hadn’t reached pandemic mode yet. Second time I got it as well and it was miserable. Not feeling like dying but miserable as the worst cold/flu/congestion ever.

I told her yesterday in our small house the chances of me not getting it as well are slim so if I do, I do and deal with it. I can generally kick whatever illness faster than her so it’ll be a couple bad days for me if I grt it but nothing bad

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auto immune complicates things. we have one in our household as well.

covid kicked in today and it sucks but if this is it i’ll be just fine. terrible body aches. fever, which i never usually get. sore throat but just right at the base of the throat. no lung issues.

i managed not to get it for three or four days while taking care of her. now she’s feeling 70 percent better and i’m sick. worked out pretty well. i was afraid man. i didn’t realize how much the fear mongering got to me until we actually tested positive.

i hope you guys recover back to 100 super quick. big love brother.

nothing helps you power through like taking care of your lady. your body has another gear for that.

Woke up to the onset. Fog, rundown, aches, throat. I am pretty sure day 2/3 is worse but i can manage. I have a 3 and a 1 yo i have to keep up with.

Eventhough supposed to quarantine, fresh air always helps when i am sick so at the very least take the kids for a drive and maybe playground once feeling more awake. Make the most of today as i suspect tomorrow i will be worse off.