My Larry Merchant Hate Is....


I used to despise him but he's been on a roll lately. He's had me lmfao this year for some reason.

Is it just me?

Jim Grey has taken his hate spot in my book. I can't even watch him covering basketball.

I was at the klitschko fight & i was sitting in the section right next to the area where merchant, lampley & george did the pre/post fight commentary. the three had to walk a couple of sections above ring side to get to the 'filming' area (they did this about 5 times throughout the course of the night). george attracted a lot of attention (he attracted more attention than the prelims, i'll say that much). lampley & merchant were basically ignored. i felt sorry for merchant during one of his treks upstairs. you could see the old guy trying to make eye contact with any of the spectators as he climbed up the stairs, perhaps hoping that some of the adulation george was getting would filter to dice. i acknowledged him by nodding at him. he patted me on the back & said, "how are you doing?" i was surprised he wasn't more popular that night than i percieved he would be.

poor Larry... I think he does a great job

I can't stand Jim Gray. After the Tua/Byrd fight there were still some people milling around ringside. Jim Gray was still in the ring but close to the ropes.

This lady wasn't close up but yelled something to him about his interview with Tyson and he grabbed his crotch and yelled something back at her.

That's real professional.

I have always liked larry.

The guy says what he thinks, and blasts the appropriate people when need be.

Larry Merchant is an ASS and will never change,the
shocking thing is the obvious ignorance of the man.
He again said something at this event that had me
shaking my head and reaching for the mute button,but i
can't remember what it was.
I was actually surprised at how significant some of
these people in the boxing world think they are.I
remember Joe Cortez outside of the Tyson v Steward
fight looking around to see if anyoe recognized him,it
was sad.Mitch Halpern i liked big time,he just seemed
like a really nice guy.

Damn mahuti that was depressing. lol

Thanks for giving me another reason to hate him saucy.

I agree with the initial post.
I also think Merchant has gotten better lately.
I'm actually going to miss Big George in the mix.

I've always liked Merchant. I could never understand the hate from this forum. Everyone does a good job on HBO except Foreman.

Sometimes I think he's playing game boy or something. I'm not even sure he watches the fights.

Nonetheless, I don't hate him.

I go back and forth on Merchant...sometimes I really like what he has to say, and sometimes I'm just like STFU!

I will say the "Krispy Kreme breath" comment caught me off gaurd...I didn't know whether to laugh or punch the T.V.

Why is everyone offended by the Krispey Kreme comment? I don't get it. He was fat. He wasn't merely chunky like Ali coming in at 230 for the Young fight, he was Buster Douglas, 40 lbs. overweight, fat. When you come into the ring in that kind of shape, you can expect to be the butt of a few jokes.

I wasn't offended...I was just like "WTF?!? Did I hear that right??

I've liked Larry better this year; last year he drove me up the wall with his pointless rants punctuated by drunken pauses.

I've often wondered if he was hittin' the bottle some, before the broadcasts...

I'd like to see Merchant vs. Gray in a fight to the death. I depise both of them.

If you can't see why Merchant is hated then i think
you haven't seen most of what he say's about fighters.

He is one bitter dude man,i have never seen anyone
like him in professional broadcasting.It's like he's
looking for someone to critisize,why HBO messes with
him is beyond me,but there again maybe everyone is
tuning in for that slap he is destined to get.

"maybe everyone is tuning in for that slap he is destined to get."


I like Larry. He definitely has his favorites (Mayorga) and those he doesn't care for (Hopkins). But I respect his knowledge, his sometimes abrasive candor and his undoubted love for the sport.

I"m gonna miss the Georgeisms....

"You should never feed your fighter pumpernickel bread before a fight."

I'll miss the Georgeisms too. Larry and George
have seen just about a century of boxing between
them, and I like them both. Larry only bugs me
when he loses his place mid thought. I just keep
thinking "write that stuff out before hand man."