My latest fight (12-10-2010)

here it is.

 Congrats Vinny :)

caught the stream the other day,

great fight, congrats on the W

Congrats Vinny, nice sub!

Nice fight! I really like the pendulum sweep from guard!

That was slick, congrats Vinny!

MOAR of that ring card girl!

Your transitions are really nice. Congrats

ohferfuxsakes -  Great job beating one of the 1500 or so Magomedov brothers M-1 has contracted!   One of the toughests too.



Wow fantastic sub, guy had good defense but you don't see the inverted triangle too often. congrats!

Nice ass on the ring girl!

Congrats Vinny!

Very cool sub. Never thought about setting up that type of triangle from the back.

From the Brass knuckle Therapy website. Congratulations!


 ttt congrats buddy

was hoping to see some sambo leglocks the pezao

amazing sub


Congrats man. Phone Post


GracieboyABS - Looked like the same type of shoulder lock Mir got on Pete Williams. Parabens.

 similar pressure on the shoulder, but not exactly the same move... 

it looked like a reverse triangle, what else did u do that we didnt or couldnt seee....

details on that sub

great job vinny, you're one talented individual.... Nice to see you get a win....