My latest NAGA matches (vids)

Ray Blackburn - Will do. Will you be in Chicago later this year? Phone Post 3.0
Yeah I live in suburbs of Chicago so I'll be at the next Chicago area NAGA to coach but I probably won't compete since I'm leaning towards competing in the Metamoris tournaments in the fall to win a trip to LA and a chance to win 10 grand and such. Phone Post 3.0

TBA is always fun to watch ! Phone Post 3.0

Aaronrodgers=GOAT - TBA is always fun to watch ! Phone Post 3.0
Thanks! Phone Post 3.0

Ok here we go. Here's the mass opinion of five expert refs reviewing match this morning.

Refs agree red's first advance from neutral to top was not a sweep.

None of the refs would have given you sub attempt points at that same move, thinking 50/50 doesn't lead to calf splicers.

You each score two sweeps each.

Red scores for mount, heel hook, and Americana attempts.

You score for triangle attempt. I thought I'd given you sub attempt points for something during the leg lock exchange but I can't recall for sure.

Bottom line, all refs agree red deserves his hand being raised with this one, and that this was a tricky yet technical and entertaining match!

Ray Phone Post 3.0

Okay thanks!! I appreciate you asking other refs for a 2nd opinion. I lost by 3 pts in the final score. If he shouldn't have been awarded 2 of his sweeps, wouldn't that mean that I would've won by 1?

And that submission from 50/50 isn't a calf slicer, it's a knee crank. It literally tears the knee sideways by putting sideways torque in it. It's a highly effective submission and was definitely the closest submission of the match (opponent was icing his hip and knee after) so I don't understand how it wouldn't be worth any submission points.

Here are videos of me hitting that submission and submitting my opponents in other matches;

And in my MMA fight when I hit that move, it completely blew out my opponents knee and he had to have surgery and hasn't fought since and it's been over 3 years. Now knee submissions are banned in ammy MMA in Illinois, probably because of that so the move definitely works, lol. Phone Post 3.0