My latest portrait - Kyra Gracie

 I do MMA portraits that seek to bring out more than the typical tough-guy-with-raised-fist feel that is often associated with fighters. Thought I'd share my latest in-progress piece with the UG....

I'll post the finished piece when I'm done.

And here are a few more from my Facebook page (which I invite everyone and their brother to "like" of course!)...

For the rest of my work (including non-MMA pieces as well) feel free to visit Disciple Dojo's "Art of the Dojo" site as well.

Blessings from the Dojo,



good stuff

Really awesome work man love all hatching and cross hatching. Phone Post


I really like these. Its a different style from what I'm used to seeing in MMA (shoman primarily). I like the coloring.

 realllyy cool  style

DiscipleDojo -  I do MMA portraits that seek to bring out more than the typical tough-guy-with-raised-fist feel that is often associated with fighters.

You sayin Crocop aint tough?

I like the Kyra picture but one eye does seem to be significantly higher than the other

wow good stuff

Amazing artwork. I thought Nelson was Godzilla though Phone Post

Helio reminds me of ET Phone Post

 Good shit man.

Jones one is pretty sick Phone Post

DD u is the MAN!

good enough to get my respect,enough flaws to beleive it wasnt computer enhanced like some of your mma artist competitors

beautiful work sir, you have real talent and an original style.

make us proud at the UG, do something special with it.

Thanks for the comments so far, everyone (especially the Trisha looks like it took about 4 hours to do the shading on her upper lip!). I'll respond briefly:

Yeah, I hear the critique about Mirko's mouth. In the photo ref I worked from he was wearing a larger boxing mouthguard I believe (it was a pic that a Mirko fan suggested I do on a Sherdog thread and I liked it better than other ones I'd come across). But it is the weakest part of the piece.

Good call on Kyra's eyes. I'll be sure to fix it in subsequent layers!

I really like Shoman's stuff and respect the skill involved in his craft; But I can't ever achieve that level of photo-realism so I prefer a more Van Gogh-esque approach.

Helio did favor ET a bit...but that has nothing to do with my drawings!  :) 

Roy's mullet does have a Godzilla feel to it! Haha!  He actually saw a piece I did of Renzo and asked me on Twitter if I'd do one of his "epic mullet." I was more than happy to comply!   (BTW, Renzo is my instructor's instructor and I may get to train at RGA in Manhattan in July if I sell enough prints to fund the BUY some prints, guys!!! They're only $10 each...and El Guapo himself has even bought a couple!)

I'll try to do something special with fact, here's an example of how I've tried so far regarding Japan disaster relief...

And here are a few more (for those too lazy to check out my page! ;)

[BTW, it's a bead of sweat dripping from Fedor's nose...not a booger; at least that's what it's supposed to be! :) ]

If you like my work, I'd be thrilled if you'd share it around the MMA community. I love doing commission pieces (starting at $125...def. a bargain in the world of original art!) and all proceeds from my work goes directly to help fund my teaching/speaking ministry.

Blessings to the UG from the Dojo,


ps: My undergraduate degrees were in Painting/Drawing...which means I had to go through the roughest of critiques on a daily basis for years...which means I don't mind if you post negative feedback or even full-on troll. Gotta have thick skin in my line of work (both of them!), so feel free to say whatever you like; it's okay with me.  :)

gusto - all good. helio is the best, imo

Worthy of Napoleon Dynamite!

Thats some bad ass original shit!