my latest seminar dates...

near Dallas this Saturday....

April 5 in Seattle at Ivan Salavarry's school, for info call (206) 730 5085

April 12 in Idaho....

And Scott Epstein, 10thpjj brown belt will be in Canada April 12 &13....

Remember, I don't chose where I do my seminars, they chose me, school owners contact me. If you want me at your school have your instructor email me for details

Thank you very much for the support! :)

nice batman pic, Eddie!

"jiu jitus legend" ?

all respect due eddie but have you competed anywhere since 2003?

is "marketing" synonymous with "bullshit"?

all respect due

i mean all due respect

"That's just marketing bro."

No it isn't.  He beat a guy whose credentials were legendary--by submission.  He beat multiple blackbelts en route to that match.

Come on.  His system is unique, and sought out.  What more do you want?

I didn't make those flyers, if I did I would've used a picture of my dick :)

and destroyed the legend?


Hey guys, what'd I miss? My Eddie Bravo penis pic alarm went off.

"all respect due eddie but have you competed anywhere since 2003? "

hah! you probably thought the Rubber Guard was all about safe sex!

perhaps you aren't aware but eddie bravo tapped royler gracie in ADCC !!!!!!!! bet you didn't know that!!!!

none of eddie bravo's books or materials ever mention it because a guy wouldn't want to live off 1 win forever

I'm saving the dick video for when I'm all played out and can no longer make a living with my jiu jitsu. I'm gonna say some dude stole my camera and put it up on the UG against my will, but I'll make sure to put my website address over all the footage, plus I can use my music too :)


Even if he hadn't beaten Royler his system is pretty fantastic. I have been to 1 seminar and read his books and studied his dvd's and his stuff works very well.

Like he said though he didn't make the flyers.

Ahahahaha!!! TTT!!!!!!! :)

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just because the man hasn't competed in a while doesn't mean his system and his ability to teach that system is any less effective,or any less revolutionary...c'mon,the guy competed at the highest level, beat a legend, and now he's teaching the most innovative no gi grappling system, which has been adopted and taught to top grapplers around the world....give him a little credit already....



When will you do a seminar in Erie, PA? Come on brother!

TTT for Eddie's Jiu Jitsu

TTT for Eddie and his Trojan Guard!