My letter to Dana White!

Dear Dana,

I can't believe you stripped poor BJ Penn of his UFC title too! My life is over now! And it's all your fault!

If only you put on ONE show a year, we would probably have Penn, Bustamante, and Barnett all on the same card!

Wouldn't you agree that after 365 days, arenas would be sold out just to get another glimpse of "Hilo Boy"?

Don't you understand fan awareness?

But instead, you've given me nothing but 5 shows a year with top fighters like Couture, Ortiz, Liddell, Hughes, & Shamrock....

How dare you employ familiar fighters who have sacrificed their lives year-in & year-out for this sport! You're so stupid!

Thanks for ruining my life!

- Shotcaller :(

Man, you're pretty bitter

Not at all. I'm just making fun of all the UG people that are upset at Dana for making the right decisions.