My MFC Euphoria Pictures

Sorry they're so big.

pics on second page

pics on second page

i don't know how goku. i'm sorry man.




again, sorry they are so big. but i wanted everyone to get a good look at my favorite new t-shirt.

It was an awesome event. It was great to meet so many people.

Big thanks to Miguel, Andre, and everyone else.

Great to meet BZLJJ (Ron). Those Miletich guys are kick ass. Great group of guys. Much respect.

Let me look for the link. I'll post it in a minute. And yeah, thats me.

lol @ the kimbo shirt.

its amazing to me how much bigger I am than Jens and Hermes and how they can still beat the crap out of me.

i have to say that all the miletich guys were incredibly friendly (horn, sylvia, jens, menne). and hermes is the happiest guy i have ever seen in my life. minotauro was upset with me because i took a picture with him after taking one with fedor. oh well....

it was also interesting to see sylvia standing right next to fedor. what a size difference.

tim expects a fight vs. arlovski soon. great matchup. and jens told me he'd like to get back to the ufc soon. jens is a class act. can't say enough nice things about all the miletich guys.

and ricardo liborio introduced me to everyone there. we had a nice conversation with murilo and mino.

can't wait for round 2

Do you ever capitalize any of your words?


lol @ TRJ. leave me alone, i'm an yves fan dammit.

Oh, sorry. Carry on now......


cool, thanks for resizing goku

i did meet nog and talk to him for a while unfortunately the picture didn't come out. i had a great staredown picture with fedor that also didn't come out and a picture of sylvia about to hit me. sucks, but i still got some good ones though.

i think because jens is fighting at 145 now. would have been nice to see him in there though.

LOL @ Goku...........