My MMA dream 155 tournament

To me 155 is a weight class where there are so amny tough guys you cant really accurately rank the top guys...I would love to see a 16 man tourny where they have 3rd place and 5th place matches like wrestling tournaments. They could spread it the hell out and still have enough fights to fill cards, but the main thing I wanna see is diversity between the orginizations best...Hows this for a listof 16...

-Winner of Sherk/Franca

-winner of Penn/Pulver

-Clay Guida

-Din Thomas

-Spencer Fisher

-Frank Edgar

-Roger Huerta

-Tyson Griffin

-Rob Mccoullough

-Takanori Gomi

-Joachim Hansen

-Gilbert Melendez

-Tatsuya Kawajiri

-Winner of Yves Edwards/Jorge Masvidal

-Josh Thomson

-"GZ" Calavancanti

where's Nick Diaz, Aoki, Stevenson, Kid?

Sakari? Ludwig? Bennet?


thiago tavares?

Jorge Gurgel needs to be in there , win or lose....

Jose Nazario??

damnit I know its hard to fit all of them into a 16 man tourny...maybe it should be 32 man, but with State Commissions only allowing one fight a night and they hand out suspensions for injuries a 32 man tourny would take like a year and a half to finish, but that would be the shit...



3-BJ Penn


5-Clay Guida

6-Din Thomas

7-Spencer Fisher

8-Frank Edgar

9-Roger Huerta

10-Tyson Griffin

11-Rob Mccoullough

12-Takanori Gomi

13-Joachim Hansen

14-Gilbert Melendez

15-Tatsuya Kawajiri

16-Yves Edwards

17-Jorge Masvidal

18-Josh Thomson

19-"GZ" Calavancanti

20-Nick Diaz

21-Shinya Aoki

22-Kid Yamamoto

23-Joe Stevenson

24-Chris Horodecki

25-Luiz Azeredo

26-Mach Sakurai(if he can make weight)

27-Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro

28-Matt Serra

29-Bart Palaszewski

30-Sam Stout

31-Marcus Aurelio

32-Thiago Taveres

Now that would be a nice box set of events that you could fill with all those matches

Still no Gurgel , are you spiting me ?

are you kidding?  ^^^^^^^

I like the 32-man tourney. That would be the only way to fit all the guys that deserve it.

tyronebiggams that pesky number 14 always gets in my way too.