"My MMA" featuring Denis Kang !

My MMA"My Mixed Martial Arts" is finally available: I am very happy and excited about how it turned out. This DVD features the favorite MMA techniques and training drills of Denis Kang.

Denis Kang is a rising star in MMA: he has submitted and knocked out opponents in 5 different countries and recently defeated Andrei Semenov in Pride Bushido 8, the biggest and most prestigious no-holds barred event in the world. He is even featured in this month's Grappling Magazine. Denis has developed a unique system of jiu-jitsu that really works once the gi comes off and people start swinging for the fences! These are critical skills to learn if you need to improve your MMA or self-defense skills.

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This is the first time that Denis's has revealed his techniques and training methods on DVD. He teaches you how to adapt your jiu-jitsu, grappling or kickboxing skills to function in the MMA and street fighting arenas. He guides you through a complete MMA game plan, where you take your opponent from bad to worse positions until you secure the submission hold or the knock out.

This is a full-featured DVD, featuring multiple in-depth menus, a soundtrack, and bonuses. Normally grapplearts.com instructional videos are priced at $44.95, but I've knocked this one down to an introductory price of $39.95.

You can find out more by going to http://www.grapplearts.com/My-Mixed-Martial-Arts-Info.htm or just click on www.grapplearts.com/shoppingcart/cart.php?cartid=2 to order this ground-breaking DVD right away!

Thank you
Stephan Kesting


I'll definitly be picking this up when I have some extra cash!

James F.


Good hizzy.

Gee thanks Stephan, just when I think I don't have to go and spend any more money you go an put out yet another "must have" video. Thanks alot Pal! LOL I can't wait to order this! Keep em coming Stephan!

Blah just when I thought I was going to be able to save some money, I already have part of my pay cheque spent.


Ordered mine already. Stephan rocks!


I caved and ordered one as well.

I would have shipped out all the orders today but for the fact that it is a long weekend. First thing tommorow morning (Tuesday) I will be shipping a MASSIVE number of parcels.

Thank you to my customers - I was touched to recognize so many of the names from previous orders. I appreciate the repeat business.

i can't wait to see this, Stephan's dvd's are without a doubt the best!!!!


Hey Stephan

So what plans do you have for future projects?

JasonGV - the first thing I plan on doing is getting my own training back on track. Working on a video always means that I spend much more time watching grappling on a computer screen than actually doing it on a mat (this is, of course, my own choice, so I'm the only person to blame).

I haven't really decided what to do after that. Maybe remaster the Omo Plata videos, or work on Guard Sweeps 2, or work on Drills 2, or ....

Guard sweeps 2 would be good

Im sure theres lots of interest for anything you do.

As of late yesterday I have upgraded my DVD shipping to UPS Ground delivery. This means that everybody should be getting their DVDs even faster than before.


Got mine in two days.  Thank you.  The DVD is good for what it shows.  Meaning everything on there is excellent.

My only criticism is what it doesn't show.  There is no material on how to behave from the bottom crossbody, and only one mount escape that shows how to time your oponent when he is transitioning to mount.  Not an actual mount escape.

I did pick up on a few gems here though.  I noticed that Kang really like likes to go for the kimura.  Probably because his instructor Marcus Soares is a master of it.

Some of the gems are the hand work details of the gullitine,and his takedown strategy, and how he holds the ankles for guard passing.  I had seen most of this stuff before but some nice details there.

I am glad I ordered it.  Only because I wanted to brush up on MMA. 

I just checked my balance and noticed that I was billed in US dollars yet the product is from Canada, and I reside in Canada.  So I was a little bit disappointed with this.

Otherwise I have watched it quite a bit in the last few days, and I am still enjoying it.  I would be interested in hearing other reviews.

Cherrypicker - While I understand your frustration at the currency confusion instructional videos are in US dollars these days - I can't go charging my American customers one price and my Canadian customers another. In the checkout procedure it is quite clear that the amount is in US dollars. Perhaps I should make it even more clear.

I understand.  I didn't even check for that in the checkout.  I just assumed it would be Canadian currency.  No biggie just a bit bummed.