My MMA themed short film - Numb

Hey guys, we've already done a handful of festivals with the film, and are still looking to do more, but I just put the film up online today. It's a 20 minute MMA themed drama. Hope you guys enjoy it.


thanks for the imbed. got to renew my pro membership! :)

for later


bringing it back for others to watch. :)

 This is an excellent piece!

What did you use to film it? :-)


we shot the film on the Red One.

 I will watch this later.



I know that chick. I've seen her in shows/movies, right?

the mom? yeah, her name's Shannon Lucio. she's been on quite a bit of stuff.

Are you the dude who did the other movie of the dude on the beach

i am not that dude. :)

egm - thanks!

we shot the film on the Red One.

 Geez, the fidelity of that camera is second to none.

This is really a great production.

thanks again Kahl!

Yea, Shannon Lucio was on The OC!

The Pot Smoking friend, in the DARE shirt, has been in some stuff too, no?

I hate open endings. Tell me he won the fight, got back together with the mother and lived happily ever after.


the pot smoking friend is Charlie Hofheimer. he has also been in a lot of stuff, including an arc on Mad Men this season.

To know what else happens, got to wait for the feature version. :)

that was good.

Good shit Erwann. Really nice cinematography and a story that drew me in.

Didn't know that bum Einstein can act.