My most recent fight!

Hi Tony...

You may or may not remember me. I had my first MMA match back in April, and I had written my experience as something very dreamlike, yada yada... you said that I had "good self awareness for remembering that". I lost that fight but gained the experience.

Well, I had my second fight this past friday. Against a bigger more aggressive opponent than my last. This time I was quite calm in the beginning, was not hyper entering, and was more anticipating the match as opposed to being confused of what to expect.

If you don't mind, I'll quickly outline the events.

We started out and did some feeling out on the feet, I landed a shot or two, then got the takedown, ending up in his guard. This time I felt more comfortable in his guard, was methodical with my body shots and hurt him with some good elbows. Everything was going very well.

Then, the ref stands us up for an unintentional headbutt on my end?! He then proceeded to take a point off.

Anyway, this is when the momentum shifted in my opponents favour. What I remember is that I lost a bit of confidence after losing such great position because I was dictating. We traded again and again I went for the takedown but he anticipated and reversed it, where I eventually ended up in his side mount! Not good I thought... but I listened to my corner this time and tried for better position, but he had quite good base. I did a good job of keeping damage to a minimum and wearing him out.

He then tried to transition but I went for an ankle lock which I almost got, but he defended well which meant he had my back now! He quickly went for a choke which I anticipated and defended but then got my back fully and began hitting with punches trying to open me up.... I remember telling the referee that I was still good and to "not stop it" (I was more worried about the ref stopping it than anything).... couple odd thoughts went through my head at this time:

1) I thought "man, this must look bad to my buds watching!" (Never had that many people I knew watching me fight) and...

2) this one's just silly.... but I said to myself "damn I can't take too much punishment cuz I have to work sunday and my manager said not to come in looking beat up!"

Anyway, so I begin lifting and turning into him which caused him to go for the choke again and I started to turn in fully bettering my position, BUT end of round 1!

Now, I go to my corner and remember I was out of breath... understand my conditioning was great leading up to this fight and could not understand why I was breathing heavy..... my confidence was dwindeling at this point.

Round 2 begins and I noticed myself hesitating on my feet, which allowed him to flurry and I would back up and protect, which is a no no, and a habit I thought I broke.... I hit him with a good right though, but I go for the takedown again, but he defends again. This time however I was able to get half guard then guard... trying to catch my breath now and remembered thinking "something's gotta happen this round cuz he's still feeling strong" and I definitely felt the momentum shifting... he stands up out of guard and starts kicking my legs... he then says "stand up" and as I'm going to, he goes for a big right hand which I duck away from and kick out, which causes him to miss and give his back.

I then VERY quickly out of reaction take his back and choke him out! Of course I celebrated like I had just won the world championships, because honestly, I was suprised, haha.

So I got out of that one unscathed with very minimal damage.... but a few things I didn't like, mentally were:

- The loss of confidence and the uncertainty when the momentum was really in his favour.
- How I felt that the initial standup for the "headbutt" was a set back.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this and get your thoughts on what you think and any steps to think of for next time on dealing with these momentum shifts.

Thanks again

Oh... People told us both that it was the best fight of the night which I like, and a win;s a win, though it was ugly, ha.

He was a tough competitor, from a damn tough camp.

Some people say I analyze my fights too much and that I should just fight, what do you think?


I hope you're not disappointed to see someone responded and it wasn't Tony :) but I just wanted to say congratulations. Nice work.

Thanks menapace.... not disappointed at all!


Awesome debrief...keep this up, its a rare skill and very
realistic insight into the mind and its influences.

As for the people who think you analyze too much...well,
usually people who either dont think, or dont understand why
& how to think reject the process...

I've received tons of that in this forum...people who think
everthing can be explained by a technique...

Bottom line, if youre trying to understand 'why?' so you can
evolve, then you need tto think.

Personally, I enjoyed your descriptions.