my "most unpredictable fighter"...

...award goes to Cro Cop, easily. I didn't expect him to be knocked out by Randleman, to submit Randleman in the rematch, to beat Coleman without being taken down a single time, didn't expect him to beat Barnett mostly from the top position, and DID expect him to beat Hunt from the top position... I'll never bet on any of that guy's fights, that's for sure.


How about predicting him to dominate the stand-up against Fedor/Fedor being able to pound CroCop from the top poistion?

fedor changes his fighting style every fight

The Fedor fight was one of the few that actually went pretty much as I had expected.

Admittedly, I thought that Fedor would do decent standing up (not dominate him like he did) and eventually TKO CroCop from top position. I was way off.