My mother is on life support. Please pray for me.

I've tried to make this thread for a few weeks now but it's been very difficult for me to process. 


My mom had been feeling ill, dizzy and disoriented, for about 3 months.  Numerous trips to the doctor and emergency room for tests, CTs, and MRIs revealed nothing.  Finally, her speech pattern broke and she became overly emotional and scared.  Then she latched onto singular phrases and sounds, and we had to have her commited to a behavioral health hospital.  After 2 weeks of anti-psychotics and anti-depression medication, he symptoms worsened even more.  New MRIs showed brain atrophy and the neurologist told us there was nothing left he could do.  Just recently she started having seizures while in the hospital.

I haven't been able to talk to my mother or tell her how amazing her grandson is in well over a month now.  When she's awake in the hospital, all she can do is stare at us because her brain can't push anything to the funtionary portion of her brain.  Just today they had to put her on life support because her seizures are worsening.  The new diagnosis seems to make the most sense, and actually gives a little bit of hope.  They say she has Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, which is treatable and thankfully there is a good chance of recovery.


I'm writing this though because I'm the hub for my entire family for all the information of what's happening with my mother since we're all spread out, so I'm constantly telling the same story and having to show unrelenting hope for her recovery so everyone else doesn't constantly panic.  But right now it really hurts.  I'm trying not to cry but I think it's finally my turn.


Sorry for the FRAT.  I love all you guys and know I can always talk to you.

Sorry about your mom JW! We're with you 110%!

You've got all the positive energy I can muster up coming your way bud!

Very sorry to hear about your mom... Hope she can make a full recovery bro! Phone Post 3.0

Prayers sent, man. For you and your family.

You listed symptoms but I didn't see an actual diagnosis...? Phone Post 3.0

Thoughts are with you and your family, brother. If there's anything you need please let us know.

Best wishes man I hope everything improves and she's back to normal . Hate to hear anything like that happening.

They still aren't 100% sure, but they're saying now its "Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis", which after reading about it makes sense.

best wishes

Sorry for your mother my thoughts are with you and your family. Phone Post 3.0

OP we are here for you bro. This is a community for a reason.

The toughest amongst of have cried. It means you're a human being. Best of luck, and optomistic.

Plus, it seems she had great memories. Phone Post 3.0

The Green Arrow -

They still aren't 100% sure, but they're saying now its "Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis", which after reading about it makes sense.

First thing I read: "Anti-NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate) receptor antibody encephalitis, also termed NMDA receptor antibody encephalitis, is an acute form of encephalitis which is potentially lethal but has high probability for recovery" Phone Post 3.0

Very sorry to hear. Positive thoughts to you and your family. Phone Post 3.0

Cry, smash shit, watch south park and genuinely laugh.......
There is no real right or wrong way man, just feel your feels. Phone Post 3.0

That reads like an episode of House.

Hope she makes a full recovery.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, glad they figured out what was wrong and can treat the problem Phone Post 3.0

My mom is getting older and I can see it every day. I know someday soon I'll be in your situation. Best wishes to you all and hope your mom can make a recovery. Phone Post 3.0

I'll pray for you buddy. Don't worry about wanting to tell your mom all those things. She already knows man. Phone Post 3.0

My prayers!! Phone Post 3.0

Prayers sent. Take care. Phone Post 3.0