My Myspace page

Anyone wants to add me as  a friend, url is

Any feedback positive or negative, I would be grateful for it.



add me as well,

Needs more cowbell

you're too old for myspace!

Go do some quilting! ;-) 

 Friend request sent.

I know I am going to here by prove Yuki  correct, but Owned Entertainment, what is cowbell??!?

 get with it Kirik

MySpace? At your accelerated age...

I'm embarrassed for you :(

I've been young lately.

Kirik want to hook up with hooties

I got Kirik in my top 40 on myspace, and MMA.TV myspace page too ;)

rapistTv.jpg picture by TheDropper 

we have a facebook group too

LOL at Kirik networking with teenage girls!

Just be really, really careful.

 TTT for Kirik's youth. ;-)


U added me last week.

Thnaks 4 the ad!!!!!1