My Myspace Page

Just a quick note since I was using Myspace to stay in touch regarding projects and posting new articles, interviews, etc. My page is temporarily offline. There was an irreconcilable (sp?) error that required account cancellation.

I will be back in 48 hours and when I am I will bump this thread. If you wish to be added again please respond and I'll add each of you.

Thank you VERY much for your support.


okay, last time

echo testing /echo

I'm just trying to help out a friend with a great product and I wanted to get my business owner info temporarily changed for him. ;-)

Oh, I see.

haven't done anything with the page this weekend. got hit by a major ice storm on Thursday here in STL. lost power at 2:30 am Friday and just got it back. been on survival mode for real including a stint at the Red Cross shelter. hope everyone else affected is safe and sound.

don't forget to add me Ron, :o)

Merrill Howard Calin?

the page is back. the links to the features and editorials haven't been fixed yet, but I'm going to handle that soon.




It's not working Ron, are you on another site???