My Nephew in his 1st. real MMA fight.


UnbreakableGym : Eric Dunlap Rumble on the Rez


 I am very proud of my nephew, even though he lost a dec.

TTT for your nephew..

TTT, thanks for sharing the vid. Best odf luck to him in his future fights.

QUENTEN - TTT for your nephew..

 What going on Mr. Q?

Just waiting to hear where Mr. Hamman will be fighting so I can plan accordingly. Still training 5-6 days a week just for shorter hours because I have accepted a position at the bar that requires more responsibility. Had 3 guys fight in a kickboxing event up in Sacramento last weekend. God Bless good work with your up and coming fighters.

Fucked up my quote -

You talking about when Jared Hamman is due to fight ?

Yes he signed with the UFC

QUENTEN - Yes he signed with the UFC

 Yea. Pretty cool!