My new band /new rrelease E.P

Over 400 streams !!! Keep it going og!! Thank you

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Sounds good bud. Interesting style.

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Thanks !!!

Thanks og !!! And by the way im the guitarist

Please please share on your social media !!! You guys are the best OG for life !!!

The og rules!!!

New five songs available !!

Any og studs famiiar with spotify?
Any tricks to get noticed ?
Any help is appreciated.

Please vote


Thanks again

Hell yeah

Fav song ?

This might’ve had a chance in the mid-80s but I’m not sure there’s an audience for this dreary, avant-garde stuff these days.

It’s music.

So there’s that.

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In for later

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Thanks for being honest and not rude


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Share with friends

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@brumbyroad is our instagram

Give a listen

Haven’t listened yet but this you guys I take it?

See any real significant financial stream from these services? Should I listen to your songs millions of times a day ?

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