My new cage is up!!!!!

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Padding is being put on the poles this week as well as a mat cover.  The guys who put it up were amazing, doing it in no time! Thanks Kevin!!!  It's just over 6' high and 18' side to side (so add a few more feet corner to corner). I am so damn happy and excited I feel like a new dad,LOL.


















You lucky bastard.  I can't wait to get down there and whup you up in there.  Congrats though, fo shizzle.  Let me know when it's a 100% go go and I'll bring the guys down for some scrappin'. 

When its done I will post the finished project.  The school owner is amazing, helping me out in every way imaginable.  Not to mention allowing me to have the cage, he has allowed banana bags, climbing ropes, and all of our BJJ/NHB smelly , loud asses into his successful Karate school every day.




We used to have a very large padded cage in Miami. Like around 1997-98. They are expensive! I prefer a ring though.

Awesome.Is this in Orlando?

cool stuff...

Hey you know Cody Atchison?

Jay-dog, nope its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy down in little old Englewood, just south of Sarasota. I moved from Orlando last year.

mjmann88, yeah man!  Cody trained with us for a few years.  He really was a great guy and a real bad ass too.  I lost touch with him when he went over to the middle east.  I got a hold of him a few times but not at all since his kid and he moved.  How do you know him?

Cody and I were rescue swimmers in the Navy...same squadron, etc.  Anyway, we have been friends for years.  I actually met you a long time ago when you guys came to fight in Jax.  I don't remember which fights (there were a few)...I think I remember something about a monkey suit = )

He actually just moved back to Oregon (where he is from) and is now training at Team Quest (go figure).  I have his contact info if you would like it.  Email me at 

A whole bunch of us are supposed to go on a ski trip end of this month (guys weekend) and he is supposed to make it...

BTW, if you are ever in Jax, I am training under Kenny Barry at World Martial Arts.

Congrats Mike!!!!


Have to go down and check it out one day!

You have a web site up?


Cody is a cool dude. Those were the days!

Sweet, now you just need to add a little barb wire for effect.

Well no barb wire, but we did start to re paint, raise the mat, add a cover and better padding.9eff01a9.jpg

this cage has my blessing ;)


I'll be getting my cage in 60 days, then the new ring in 90.  I can't wait.

Mike, that looks like a great setup there at your school.  I am excited for you that it's working out so well.

Mike Lee I need to talk to you ASAP!!!!!