My new church

My family's joining a new church. My wife has been helping with worship team. I'm helping with discipleship. Hopefully when get more time I will help coach small group leaders and coordinate small groups.

The local paper did an article:

Here's a blog about the process we've been going through to start:

Please pray for us. We're having first worship service Easter Sunday.

I told Vergil the goals are very missional. He stated he didn't want to be labelled as "emergent" or "missional" but when he went here
He agreed.

From the first link you posted:

"Of the new church's 40 or so founding members, at least 10 are men and women – including Brown – who are in racially mixed marriages, he says."

As Brazilian, it amazes me how racial issues are still so huge in the USA.

For the record, there is not one single answer to "racially mixed" and "church" in Portuguese at Google.

Not saying that we don't have racism here in Brazil, but you put too much emphasis on the issue - and I think that helps to perpetuate the problem.

No, it is not the media.

It is on forums like this one that I see that clearly. Everyday there is a thread about race.

You don't see that in Brazilian forums.

Britishes are fine in my book, I was very well received there.

I had very little problem in France, Belgium and Germany.

At the USA they thought I was from Nevada. :-)

Donna- Racism is an issue almost everywhere in the world. South America is more of an exception because of the history of Europeans, Native peoples and Black slaves mixing and color did not become an socio-economic and political standard. Race and heritage is a factor everywhere else. I've been to small towns in Quebec where Jews are money trolls and Black people have tails. France has had tons of riots for not integrating their minority populations. Japan is having social unrest. It is a major issue in the US, it is much better than it has been in the past- but it is not the biggest issue. The media regularly makes mountains out of mole hills because they have to report on something faster than the other guy. This mentality has led to the belief it is worse than it is.



As I said, I am observing what I read in your forums, not in the media. I seldom read american news.

I think I hit a nerve... :-)

"Not saying that we don't have racism here in Brazil, but you put too much emphasis on the issue - and I think that helps to perpetuate the problem. "

First rule of dysfunctional family is "Don't Talk"

We are being intentional about addressing the issue because we think allowing people to share their stories is a part of the healing/reconciliation process.

But yeah, do you notice the reporter emphasized the racial aspect - we're very politically correct here in Oregon and racially "sensitive" or at least try to be. The diversity is a part of the reason we are attracted to the church but not the main reason. I'm even more interested in the socio-economic and theological diversity than racial diversity.

Ashy, thanks!

i am definatly a racist, I HATE WHITE PEOPLE!!!

Bludhall, that doesn't make you a racist. It makes you cool and media sexy.


The second article in the larger paper also focused on the racial diversity. Our pastor sent out an email to emphasize that we are seeking diversity in age, socio-economic class, worship styles, skill, gifting, not just racial diversity for the sake of racial diversity.

We went through a practice service last week, unpacking stuff and figuring out where and how to set everything up. We're meeting in the cafeteria of a middle school.

so, we'd been going to planning meetings Sunday evenings for a few months. About 12-20 people have attending these meetings.

we did the practice service and had about 20-25 people.
Despite the press in the papers, I'm thinking if 40-60 people show up that would be a good start.

About 160 people showed up first service. the coolest thing is some friends we hadn't seen in 2-3 years accepted the invitation to come and many people went up to them and talked to them and made them feel welcomed/comfortable. They don't regularly attend church but said afterward they are open to coming back. The pastor said he talked with someone from the neighborhood who had not been to church in 5 years. He noticed this man cried throughout the sermon which was on I John 1.

Our website needs a lot of work but you can listen to sermons here: