my new computer

Okay I ordered the parts for the first computer I've ever built. The only things I haven't ordered yet are a CPU (waiting on a price drop next week) and memory (I don't know wtf to get)

So, memory suggestions, build suggestions, anything else I need to know?

going with Athlon 64 3400+

Asus K8v deluxe

Seagate SATA 7200.7 120 gb

DVD player

Liteon 52x Burner

Antec P160 case and Antec truepower 480w

still up in the air about the video card but probably a Radeon 9800 pro 256mb
I'm looking to get 1 gig of RAM, but the budget is looking tight.

You want the OG dude

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Thanks in advance.

I would also purchase a compass to install so you will be able to recognize the OG................... j/k :)


Everybody is afraid of my screaming new machine.

That's fine, that's good, I see you cowering...

Yeah cool machine. Youre probably best going with a Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb. I don't think there are any games at the moment that really need an extra 128mb, and the difference between the XT and the Pro is about 3 fps is some games.

Which do think would be better: 512mb Ram and a 9800 pro 256 or 1 gig RAM and the smaller vid card?

1 gig ram + 9800 pro 128 ... no question.

The 256 thing is more of a gimmick right now. You will get more performance but not much.

If you want 256, then at least wait for the next gen of vid cards. Buying 256 now is like buying one half of the next level of cards ... just doesn't make sense. My opinion of course.

Lgfreiss is correct, the 256mb cards are useless atm and not worth the huge price different. Get the 128mb version and another stick of ram.

memyselfi, your computer kicks ass but I would have waited another two weeks for the version2.0 motherboards to come out. All the kinks usually get ironed out in their revised boards.

nice system.

Thanks for all the input, guys!

Now some more questions:

I've started putting it together (remember 1st time) and I've got a SATA drive. I'm not gonna doa raid, so which SATA connection do I use on the mobo? SATA1, SATA2, pri SATA or SEC SATA? I figure either SATA 1 or Pri SATA, but I'm not sure which.

I'm also getting confused with the power cables, they all seem to have an extra connection coming off of them, and I'm not sure what they all do, any website suggestions? ... go to the forums. Just about anything you want to know about home pc stuff can be found there.

figured out most of it, thanks though.

Well I ended up going berserk, a gig of ram, 9800XT, my credit card is on fire!

Now I'm pissed, fucking non SATA drive recognizing piece of shit mobo/driver/chipdipshit motherfucker!

Why won't you fucking work, bitch!!!???


damn 9800 xt