my new exersise regime

ok. I cant spell. but this is what Im doing. for the past 5 months Ive done no training at all, because I became a nurse and have been working 7pm to 7am 3 sometimes 4 days a week. Prior to this I was in good shape, bodyfat about 6 percent, 5'11 at 205 pounds. As of 2 weeks ago I started training again, weighing 218 at that time and I dont even want to know what my bodyfat was. Remember all IVe been doing is overnight shifts eating shit food.

2 weeks ago I started by runing about 7 miles a day 3 days a week... sometimes walking, at about 5 am in the morning in this cold winter weather on days I dont work. week one was me trying to run 7 miles and walking a bit between, but always pushing myself. Diet now is clean carbs, low fat, lots of milk and protien and salads. And coffee:) Week 2, I have been runing 3.5 miles to the gym without pause, doing a set of 100 jump rope, hiting the bag for 15 minutes, not nessiarily non stop, just getting a rythm, doing 80 situps, 3 sets of 20 pushups in varying angles (normal, wide grip, and diamond) then chinups to failure, and doing the set all over again with the jumprope, bagwork, situps, pushups and chinups.. then I jog home about 3.5 miles. I start this also at 5am.

after 2 weeks Im now at 208 pounds.. granted some of this is water weight, but the first time I wieghed myself was after I jogged 7 miles on day one.

Now is phase 2. where I am going to start a liver cleanse that I have read online. Im doing that this weekend.

After the liver cleanse my shipment of supliments should be coming in the mail. I have never done supliments before, but Im going to be taking vanadyl sulfate, Tribulus Terrestris, Precision Protein by EAS, and Joint Enhance + MSM.

on monday Im going to start taking my supliments, and start part 3 of my workout.. which will incorperate intense ab training, jumpsquats, squats with someone on my back, and the usuall set of chinups, pushups, and bagwork, only sets of 3 instead of 2, with no jogging. I will do this for 2 week 3 times a week, and on days Im not doing this, I will be pushing a car up a low grade hill, 3 times a week.

After this 2 weeks Im going to stop all the training with the exception of squats with wieghts, and deadlifts, followed by training again in mixed martial arts over at amherst athletic club, and perhaps boxing over at holyoke boys club. I will still be doing my supliments and eating right.

whatcha all think?

my plan is to hopefuly be ready to fight in a mixed martial arts event perhaps in mid march. In febuary depending on how I feel Ill let my coach be aware of this.

Ok, I'll bite....

I am going to start a liver cleanse that I have read online.

I'm curious about a "liver cleanse". Have some details, and why you think it will help?

have never done supliments before, but Im going to be taking vanadyl sulfate, Tribulus Terrestris, Precision Protein by EAS, and Joint Enhance + MSM.

Why those supplements?

if you're serious about fighting MMA then you need to seriously load up on Vanadyl Sulphate for sure.

Lean muscle increase. also help me loose fat.

The joint suppliment is to help keep my joints from hurting. Training at this intensity will put wear and tear on my joints. At my hospital we work with a lot of orthopedic patients. My unit is a ortho/tele unit. I have talked with a few doctors about what is needed to keep my joints in good shape and they pointed that in my direction. The protien supliment is to obvously give more protien in my body, as well as providing calcium and other nutrients that I will need. The Tribulus Terrestris leads to the production of the luteinizing hormone (LH). When LH levels are increased, the natural production of testosterone may be increased. One problem with working a nightshift... 7pm to 7am from things that I have read, is that it may interfear with LH levels.

This is just a general health maintanance thing, Im going to give it a shot and afterwords Im not going to drink alchahol nor am I going to eat foods high in fat. For 3 months anyway.

I will be taking a photo tomarrow with a newspaper for a date. I am going to try to enter it in a few websight based before and after contests as well.

I do have a question though, I have thought of creatine, but I have heard that it takes away from the cut of muscles, because it helps your muscles retain water. Im wondering if this is true.

I've been working 9 months in a hospital as a nurse also, the shifts are a total killer. After the first few months i didn't know what day of the week it was, all I had in mind to keep track of time was my shift schedule, lol.

As for your exercise program, sounds pretty intense, also on first sight a little scattered tbh. I'd try a little more periodization and interval structures. Since you want to fight MMA, keeping the numbers and durations of rounds/rest of the actual fight in mind when designing your workout plan would be important i think.

I'm not a fan of supplements but you asked the docs so at least you have an idea of what you're doing :)

good luck man and watch your rest periods between the training and shifts at the hospital.