My new gig!

I'll be a part time trainer and part time consultant for a cisco training company. More consulting to start since I'm heavy on skills/experience and light on certs. Good pay to start, more with my CCNA (test scheduled for wednesday) and then with the CCNP + CCSP I'll have FTE pay that matches my current long term contract rate. Very nice and in writing.

Course I'll be doing quite a bit of study time and have to juggle my short term consulting work with a real job, but I think its going to be a good thing in the long run. Oh yeah, I have to learn how to do classroom teaching!

just try not to get fired for rolling your eyes at all the guys in class who feel that certs will get them a good job.


I'm trying to find out how many Cisco learning credits my company can give me at a time - I get a week off every month and I'm sure if I asked to be training that they may send me out there.  Hook a brotha up!

Hell, I wonder if I give a good report card if that would mean return business from you know who.  I saw that you guys are Gold as well.

LOL@Stephen. Certs make you so much money that you wipe your ass with $100 bills.

Vegas for training, hard to beat that!

I know they have a quad CCIE and a couple duals on staff. They all rotate between class and consulting so the instruction should be a good mix of theory and practice.

fin. get to know your cisco rep.