My new hero Shinya Aoki

I stole this from the other, inferior BJJ forum. These are matches from the Japanese version of the PanAms. The guy is very impressive.

Shinya Aoki vs Pedro Akira :

Shinya Aoki vs Rodrigo Onishi :

Shinya Aoki vs Koji Komuro :

Shinya Aoki vs Satoshi Kohtani :

Shinya Aoki vs Tatsuya Onose :

Shinya Aoki vs Mitsuyuki Shibuya:

Shinya Aoki vs Takuma Tokitoh:

I share in this newfound love of Shinya Aoki. The flawless gogoplata from rubber guard while wearing rainbow spandex in Pride is what stole my heart.

I stole this from the other, inferior BJJ forum.

The spirit of Sam Kim will now haunt you until you beg for his forgiveness.

The tights alone speak of greatness.

Did I type inferior? I meant to type interior.

Actually, the whiny vaginitis on that forum has gotten old, IMO.


Check out this HL vid of my new mancrush Aoki.

That forum is down

wow beautiful vids


make the bondoplata via already. :P

Shinya Aoki is very technical. And i am not discovering nothing new if i say that is so good in Bjj :-). But is true that the level of almost all the other guys is a bit poor to be in a 'panam'.

Have you seen the technique he uses for the Achilles ankle lock submission? if he catch the right leg of the other guy, he passes his right arm under this leg and TAKE his own gi in stead of using his left arm too for the clasic technique (he uses his left arm to take left arm gi of the othe guy to prevent defending the submission).

ttt thanks