My new job quest!

Okay, lemme give you run down on my career

1 year Compusa (hardware)
1 year Dell (senior level tech) (1 month of training)
2 year part-time oncall parts (field tech)
2 years military with 3 months of electronics / 5 months of Computer Networking / Crypto

Know enough to know what I know and what I don't know and won't bullshit around either.

Less than 35 hours left for BS in Management Info Tech degree

Certs: A+, Net+, Security+, Should have CCNA / Worthy of countless MS certs - Basic jack of trades (graphics - light prog - hardware - soft - etc.,) Basically meaning there isn't much out there that you couldn't teach me - Good fundementals with Net Security and Administration - Still light on *nix, but getting there. M$ guru / hardware guru for sure

I'll be fresh outta the military and I have a contact with a VERY reputable person at Cisco who deals with almost every large scale Cisco purchaser in the South and every Cisco reseller in the area.

So - I will actually have a lot of jobs thrown at me. I am gonna be getting a nice disability check for a long time, so pay isn't going to be all that important.

If I were to find a job that will give me the MOST knowledge / resume candy, what kind of position do I need to look for?

Company size:
Company type:
Systems (What I should try to get into)
Gov't - statework - or private? (No secret :()

I have a job on the table right now, 100% travel, basically a software/hardware integration company that sells Emergency Response in one touch - Basically a system that will notify anyone and everyone that needs to "know" Ran on M$ Software - Small Tech Support Staff / Small IT Staff / Lots of Soft Engineers / A few travel techs / Liason for travel techs, etc.,

Doesn't seem like a bad gig, but I know I am worth something and I SHOULD look for something "better" Be advised I would also like to work a little bit more on "business skills" and "management skills" and hopefully try to work my way up the corporate ladder.

What kind of advice would you give to a peon like me :)

If anything, I find myself as a great communicator already when it comes to mixing tech with management, and I know my social skills exceed the norm that is in the IT world and will use this as much as possible to my advantage (Not an ass-kisser)

Shoot, I'm all ears....

Also - I have 20k in GI bill to use for Certs
And 2-3 years of Voc Rehab that pays for college tuition in full and then some.


Oh yea

If this also helps

I am a RESOURCE GURU - if someone needs to find an answer to something, even if its over my "head" I still manage to find it.

I am extremely trainable.

fin, why don't you just post your resume

I need to get a "professional" one together again :(

You should find a job that allows you to continue your degree. These days, if you want to be in management, you have to have a degree, preferably a Master's, MBA, or Ph.D. There are a few exceptions, but normal people need their degrees. If you just go to work, you may never go back to school.

Also (and this may just be me) I like to hear that a prospective job candidate wants to finish his degree. It shows he wants to improve himself, which is what I want.

Well, the good thing is, alot of the grad education will be paid for. So, at least I have that hurdle out of the way.

Yea, gotta love the short lived military stint

Hey, it was good though, and is gonna do alot for me later in life, and as well as the resume.


I can't recommend medium-sized school districts enough. They usually have a small do-it-all staff, which means you get to play with a wide range of technologies. Try to find a school district that's large enough to need decent network equipment, but small enough that you're not pigeon-holed in a specific duty.

School districts usually get passed over by high-level techies. (Because of the generally lower pay) Go in there knowing your stuff, and they'll treat you like a king.

I've learned more in my 3 years at the district than I ever thought possible.

Hey, being ex-military would make me a show in as well.

Does it matter if your county that you are working in is the 13th richest in the nation? Or nah?

Lol, but you are right, I shouldn't worry about what they pay would be if I got enough knowledge from it.

I'm sure finding little kids trying to hack around internally would be fun.

if I were you, I'd work on getting clearance. that would really set you apart from the rest.