My new office

Not really music related I guess, but sound related. They asked me how I wanted it layed out and then built if completely different, its still better than my old one though. Its not quite finished yet but close. 

 Bob Sapp keeping an eye on the synclavier for me. I'm running protools LE through a digi002. They totally cheaped out on the mixer with this dopey little Behringer Eurodesk, they spent more on the lights for Christ sake. I mostly use it for monitoring so it doesn't affect me too much.

View of the foley room

This is the old place - That mess of wires is a protools III nightmare. I still dig the vibe of this room a lot more.

DasBeaver that is Bad Ass! what is it exactly that you do? I will be moving offices here in a few months too.

Thanks man. I'm a sound effects editor/sound designer
(I hate that title, it sounds so pretentious).

not to sound to redundant but that is BAD ASS!! That has to be a cool job. do you do major motion pictures and stuff like that? At first glance it looks like you work for a Major Record Label. I was gonna ask if you could help with my demo. its kinda show tunes meets punk/new wave

Whatever you do............don't use the master fader in pro-tools.

nice room!

why not use the master fader in pro tools?

It's because of how it sums up the other faders.

When you use it, the many channels end up being pushed down enough to fit them all through the master fader.

I believe it reduces the amount of bits you end up with in each track.

I make sure every track streams out either in hardware and is then mixed or I ride all of the track faders individually.

Much bigger sound.

"its kinda show tunes meets punk/new wave"

Alright, Let me put on my beret and we'll get to work!

"Whatever you do............don't use the master fader
in pro-tools. "

I tend to stay far away from any mixing in protools.