My new pc

Fucker is finally done! (Been buying parts since March.)


AMD 3700 San Diego
eVGA 7800 GTX
1 gig of Corsair Ram
ASUS AS8 SLI Deluxe motherboard
Samsung 19" monitor
Antec case (they stopped selling it on newegg, can't find it)
Tagan 480 watt power supply
Hitachi 120 gig hard drive

This thing is a beast. So far I've run Half Life 2 completely maxed out at 80 fps without the slightest glitch. It looks bloody marvelous.

The F.E.A.R. demo I also maxed out however it lagged during some of the sequences. I lower some of the options just a little bit though and it runs smoothely. That game has insane graphics.


Jockey total I paid around 1500. Here is the case:

Antec Performance Plus PLUSVIEW1000AMG Metallic Gray 1.0mm SECC Server Computer Case - Retail

Like I said though, if you were to search for it on Newegg you would only get partial matches.

My system is quiet. I haven't really been around enough computers to tell or not. To some it might be loud but when I'm listening to music or playing games it sure as hell doesn't distract or annoy me.

I plan to get more RAM eventually. My power supply, despite being only 480 watts, is high quality and handles very well.

Do you guys know if F.E.A.R. will stop jumping if I have more RAM? Or is it the processor? Or would I need a second card to truly max it out with no problems?

It may just be cause it's the demo...but more ram never hurt.

This thread makes me want to fully upgrade my computer...... must..... resist!

Mofo. Sweet rig.

Yeah it's really nice. Took me a long ass time to finally scrape up the money though.