my new pet

Sorry that I do not have any pics yet, but I'll get some asap.

I'm trading my Retic and a 3/4 diamond carpet python for an Aru Chondro.

I'm having some problems with the feeding for the Diamond and the retic I have a guy that is interested in some trade.

Tell me your Aru or any  Chondro stories.

Chondros rule, such beautiful snakes.I can still remember when they were seen as THE crown jewel for any collector.Hell they still pretty much carry that status, but they are getting slightly more common.You're even seeing some very well behaved ones more and more often now too, which in a funny way may have lessened the accomplishment factor a teeny bit.

I don't know much about the Aru end of things specifically though, maybe post some pics and locality info? is there anything that sets them apart from say, Biak or others?

They are a bit smaller in size and tend to be more docile. 

In color they all look alike, but Aru's tend to have more white specs and blue than the others.  She is doing very good and eating well. 

Damn I need a camera.

no clue, but from the description, i wan see some pics