My New Purchase!

I finally purchased a Digital T-Shirt printer, so for all you guys with idea's for shirts and don't wanna pay big money to get them done I can do them cheap. If you are looking to get something done just go to my website and order away. 

The great thing is that it's not limited on colors, so I can print directly from a .jpg and doesn't need to be vector. If you can print it on your home printer I can print it on a shirt or make custom patches.


i would like a shirt with a dildo on it.

That's pretty cool. Where do you get something like that? Phone Post

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I'll be doing this forever.. I spent a lot on the printer 

You bought a $20K silk screener so you could make T-shirts for the OG? Way to commit.


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Just click on Shop. I bought the printer for my clients who are always getting shirts done elsewhere and I'm losing out on business so I thought what the heck and sold one of my Harley's and bought the printer.

Right Hand JO Power - i would like a shirt with a dildo on it.

Put me down for one of these also. Phone Post

I wanted to buy one of the air dude shirts but they were like $28....any idea how much if I send you the pic?

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I can print 12.5x16, sure email me the image and as long as it's going on a standard shirt it will be $12 plus shipping.

Damn man that is cool. I will hit this up from home.

I love you

Awesome! Phone Post 3.0

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how much was the printer?