My New Rankings....Top 5!


1) Fedor - No doubt

2) Noguiera - looks vulnerable sometimes.

3) Sylvia - I don't care what people say, he's tough!

4) Arlovski - Getting better EVERY fight!

5) Crocop - unbelievable potential!

Light Heavyweight

1) Silva - only because he KO'd Rampage lately.

2) Couture - Will be #1 again before retirement.

3) Rampage - Bad Motherfucka!

4) Liddell - Big win!

5) Henderson - My favorite fighter!


1) Bustamante - incredible, despite decapitation(sp?)

2) Lindland - owns everyone but Busta.

3) Horn - Hey guys, it's Gumby.

4) Tanner - TOugh call, but should be a force at 185.

5) Murray - Looked impressive as of late.


1) Penn - Talented!

2) Hughes - A force!

3) Sherk - kinda boring, but effective.

4) Verrissimo - Looked impressive, need to see more.

5) Newton - Proven. A little off lately though.


1) Penn - Yes, he wins both divisions (right now)

2) Ludwig - Will drop soon if he doesn't fight soon.

3) Gomi - Never seen him, but just word of mouth.

4) Thompson - Tough dude. Lots of potential

5) Sudo - smooth!

52 views and no disputes? I guess I'm right on the $! Nice!

Bustamante doesn't fight at 185 anymore. He's only fought 2 of his 12 career fights lighter than 200 pounds. Get over it everyone.

Tanner at #4 is the only prob. I see.He was overated from the beggining and has never really proven himself at the top level.Baroni will obliterate him in June.

LOL @ "Never seen him, but just word of mouth"

Where's Barnett btw?

I was afraid you were gonna have Randleman in the top 5 of any weight class....that would've been horrible.

I like Cro cop ahead of sylvia, but i guess coming off a loss doesn't help my case.

I'd put hendo in middleweight and put vitor in the 5 spot of Lhw.

I'd have Sakurai instead of newton and sudo a little higher on the list.

Ha. Yeah I shouldn't have put Gomi on (even though I'm sure he's awesome). I'm just going off of Pride/UFC fighters since, afterall, those are the shows that most consumers are able to see.

Nope, dont agree.

why the anger, xshanex? ha.

A KO over Pele and subbing Rivera is "impressive as of late."

Belfort would be 6th. Then Tito.