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iranian  Ultiate  Fighting   Championship   (IUFC)   or   iranian Language

Ali dehghani sheeva 65155 _ 1465

Hamedan city _ iran country


Keep up the good work.

10040g :Dear 10040g Thankssssssssssss !!!!!

awesome dehghani :)

BispingsTinyDancer ????!!!

BispingsTinyDancer ????!!!


Kirik has confirmed dehghani is not a troll on several occasions

I have to admit...It would be pretty funny to see Rich Franklin fight some Iranian guy in a 8x8 chicken wire

Quality entertainment imo.

^ All that proves is that the troll is probably stationed there sideways. Military troll imo.



CounterStrikeKO : Dear  CounterStrikeKO

Dehghani is the real deal, and Kirik and Chokeyou2 have verified this. I will also vouch for him. CounterStrikeKO, there is no need for that.

Quik:Dear Quik Thanks

Dehghani is a troll. There is no such thing as UFC Iran. Those who defend him please tell me if UFC Iran is officially supported by Zuffa?

Dehghani is the real deal. I cant believe a good man like Ali Dehghani Sheeva, who is trying to promote the sport of MMA worldwile, has to keep defending himself against these charges. He should be given respect on the UG. He has earned it.

Keep up the good work Dehghani!   ir = iran