My New Website -

 Hey guys --

I wanted to let you know about my new website!  I'm really excited about it.  My old site was a pain in the butt to keep updated, but now I switched to a more blog oriented format and I'm going to be posting all my workouts, info on my CrossFit in the Park program, articles I write, etc, all up on there!  You can comment on them, too, which is a cool feature.

Check it out!


And here's a photo as a thank you for your time. ;)

Cool site! It has a slight Hello Kitty vibe to it, only a tad more menacing (which is good, 'cuz then I won't feel like less of a manly-man for going there on occasion).

LOL - yeah, that's pretty much exactly the vibe I was going for! GLad you liked it! I'm really excited about it and will be posting new content on it every day!

Thanks, LM! :)

Great site!!

Nice site. I liked the entry about being good to yourself.

Thanks for checking it out guys - I appreciate it! :)

Nice Site!

Designated Driver -
P.S.: What is the story behind you always having your sunglasses inside? Your crossfit gym must be very sunny or something!

She just wants to look cool, shallow California girl that she is. ;)

Awesome stuff, Becca! Love the CrossFit in the Park blog, too.

Designated Driver --

LOL - okay, the story on the sunglasses is, when I work out in the middle of the day and the workout incorporates running, I just leave my glasses on the whole time rather than lose precious seconds off my time by taking them on and off.

Plus, I think it's cool to look like the Terminator, or something. ;)

PoundforPound --

LOL! In that case I woulda had my makeup and hair done! ;)

JonKellett --

Cool, thanks! The Park blog is cool 'cause it's all workouts that don't need any equipment, so it's great for people doing CF on their own.

I love the concept. I'm doing all my training (myself and my clients) outdoors while they're doing the construction on my facility, so it's great inspiration!

Nice site!

Very cool site!

Becca, what's your email?

Thanks, guys!

Cumprido - best address to get me at is

Love the site!

Your story about being an accidental athlete is very inspirational... keep up the great work.

Cool. Email sent.

Cumprido -- Got your email! Crazy week and I want to sit down to write a more than one sentence reply - so I'll write you back soon! :)

LeftBench -- Thanks! I think it's important people know it's not too late to train like an athlete. I certainly had no idea of what I was capable, or what sort of things I would wind up finding fun to do. Glad you enjoyed the read! :)

Ring Girl - I shot you an email from my hotmail account. Just wanted to give you the heads up... no rush in answering me

Yep, I got it! I will answer you tonight or tomorrow for sure! :) Thanks!