My new YouTube channel

I had a YouTube channel filled with stuff, most of which violated youtube’s copyright laws, so it was taken down by YouTube. Now I’ve got a new one up and I’ve put up the stuff I shot myself, and some new stuff I’m doing.


Is there any penis or midgets? Friend asked.

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Your channel was one of the best.This is what Willis was talking about.

Thanks Jeff!!

My old channel was mostly my collection of VHS tapes and old footage I shot. This one is (so far) some old footage I shot myself, and some new stuff.

You & Serbio were the shit.Serbio is making a comeback also.I watched a couple of old WEC’s so far.

Mine is stupid. It’s just me filming stupid stuff and filming food and drinks.

And some goats I yelled at.

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Hey, I emailed you a couple of days ago. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I replied from my personal e-mail.

Never saw your Channel.

I did use to enjoy your fight predictions on the OG. Until you sold out and took them somewhere else… :roll_eyes:

:smile: :smile:

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God damn you were the one who posted the other thread asking about the ads huh? Gotcha!

Yeah, I used to enjoy doing those. First it was here, then MMAringreport, then Bodog, then Full Contact Fighter and a few other places. Now, the sport has changed so much. There are fights every weekend, and there is so much turnover it’s hard to write about the fighters when they come and go so rapidly.