My new Youtube channel

My old YouTube channel got deleted, so I made this new one.

What do you post? Ill sub!

I am posting the techniques I teach in class, some matches I have ref’d, some MMA events I have gone to, some books I have, and some classes I took a long time ago. I was an MMA journalist for a while so there are some interviews too. I’ll post some other stuff soon …


I just sub’d…sub me back!


Aren’t you the older gentlemen who smashed the Miyaos?

LOL… I wish I smashed him.
It was my first time competing at black belt.
I did it at the age of 47.
Went against him twice. Every detail of those matches are replayed in my mind over and over. He actually just posted a clip of his 2nd match with me on his instagram yesterday!


nice jeff :slight_smile:

Dude you did better than most adults lol

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