My Next Event for the TROOPS-2010

Devil Dog Productions-SemperFights
Taking an MMA event to TROOPS on

experience the Culture!
experience the chance of a lifetime to be part of a HISTORY making event!

A FULLY Sanctioned MMA Event for thousands of TROOPS- Stationed on Mainland JAPAN and the ISLAND of Okinawa.

Great opportunity for you to Fight for the Troops Stationed on a Base in JAPAN

MMA-- Gear Companies-- Great Opportunity for you get your gear on a base for thousands of troops to see!

Let me know if you're interested---
I will be posting CONFIRMED Dates soon- think Spring show.

I will be posting ALL the INFO soon but shoot me out an email if you think you want to be involved.

Last event--in Iraq--is in the current issue of FIGHT MAG

Semper Fi

 I wish I had something like this when I was in Oki. :)



Monsters Ball - 
Sagiv Lapkin -  I wish I had something like this when I was in Oki. :)


It's a beautiful place. Very hot!
Yeah it was nice, although by the time 6 months has gone by I was glad we were going home.