My next poker experiment

I have invested around $1000 in poker in the past 4 months since I started playing. I am down to $250 mostly due to stupid play when I am drinking as well as the learning curve of playing various games. I have made a promise (that I sincerely hope I can keep) that if I don't get back to $1000 or go broke trying, that I will quit playing poker in my current form. I'll still play in Las Vegas, but I will quit online and quit going to local casinos in Los Angeles if I bust out on my $250 I have left at The ultimate goal I have is at least to get my current $250 back up to my initial investment of $1000.

So here is my next project:

1). Ten $25 sessions of $0.10/$0.25 - $25 No Limit Hold 'em at Poker Stars.

2). No drinking whatsoever when I am playing.

3). Only playing my "A" game. Super tight aggressive, no bullshit plays AT ALL.

4). Write critiques of every session I play, and learn from my mistakes.

I'll post my results after my 10 sessions. Should be interesting, thanks for reading.

Ok I'm halfway done with my ten $0.10/$0.25 $25 NL sessions. I'm fininding it a lot more difficult to sit down sober and play my "A" game, but the results are very rewarding, all winning sessions.

Once I get my bankroll up to $500 I'm going to start playing the $0.25/$0.50 games, then after $1000 the $0.50/$1 games, etc. If I fall behind 10x the Max buy in, I'll drop down a level.

Here are the results after 5 sessions. Started with $250, now up to $326 after 7 hours of play. $76 profit with an hourly win rate of $10.85, 43 times the big blind:

I'll post the final results after I finish 5 more sessions.

Dude keep us informed I find this interesting. Yeah, I've learned that I can't play when I'm tired, it simply doesn't work for me, and if I'm drunk and tired it's over I'll start playing 9/3 off suit just for shits and giggles if I'm really tired and really drunk. I need to play sober when I'm playing for money, and then start playing drunk when I play for play-money. You know so I can work up to playing drunk, it's a skill you gotta polish

Yeah the not drinking is the hardest part. I'm so used to having a few beers and surfing the net and playing poker. It does affect my game though as I have seen that ALL of my major losses have come from when I was drunk. I've lost hundreds of dollars playing stuff I would never play sober. When I am sober I am pretty much a winner. Especially now that I am putting myself under a microscope and not "gambling" and playing a very tight game.

I've come to the same conclusion as you, when I'm drinking I play with the online "play" money. It's still fun, but it doesn't endanger my bankroll. I think I'll start another thread about drinking and poker.

jman, youre my poker hero