my NHB debut, wish me luck

In about 16 hours, I will be fighting my 1st pro. NHB fight.
I could use all the help and support I can get (the guy has 60lb over me), so wish me luck please. I will post the result.

60 lb! You have balls of steel, my friend!

Very Best of luck to you.

Holy shit good luck man!

Best of luck!

good luck, that's a lot of weight so move a lot. I guess.

Good luck you marvelous bastard !!!

Good Luck!


Good luck take it easy

60 pounds?!? Good lord. Best of luck to you man!

Thank you guys on your support, I won. I punched him to submission. I did good job in the stand up, landed several hard low kicks and a few punches to the head. I also tried 2-3 times to do a switch round kick to his head, but he had his guard on and absorbed the kicks. I was much faster then him and he couldn,t realy connect with anything from the distance. Every time we clinched I felt he was much stronger then me and I would break the clinch and went back to stand up game. He landed one headbutt from the clinch while I landed 1-2 knees to the body and several punches. I had injured my right knee 4 days before the fight, so I didn't feel confedent enough to go for takedowns and avoided wrestling with him. Last time we clinched, I managed to free my left arm and landed a solid left cross, he turned his head and I followed with a couple of right hooks. He tried to break off, but I had sorta underhook with my left arm and kept punishing him with my right. He curled up on the floor, I landed several more shots and the reff. stoped it. I won. On the same night, one of my students fought and also won, by americana. Thanks again to everybody who supported me.

Hey, congratulations, man!



Well, thats what Jeet Kune Do is all about!
UFC fighting is the principle and ultimate aim of every Jun Fan /Jeet Kune Do practitioner.
There is no greater priviledge or honour for a JKD practitioner to get in an octogan and lye on his back for half an hour between another mans legs whilst putting on a Brazilian accent before and after the match in the interviews.

The Ultimate goal of JKD these days is to prepare yourself for UFC competition.
This should be the aim every student of Martial Arts and especially JKD to follow in your footsteps lad.

Congratulations Chetnik, nice work.

-Matt Thornton

Damn Chetnik, didn't you know you could've saved all
of that hard work and go to a seminar and get a
certificate that states, "You're A Badass". That
way no one has to get hurt.

Oh... nice work


Congrats bro put some picture up if u can!