My Nike Lebron 10’s accidentally fell in my fireplace. (Dead-stock/Never worn)

It’s a shame. Fortunately it was all caught on video. I’ll have some exclusive video footage soon. Kobe!!!

You’ve reduced the supply and driven up the cost and collectibility of the remaining shoes.

Shoulda sold them on eBay for $1.

Fuck him. I have an insane amount of shoes. LeBron’s don’t mean jack shit to me. I just got word from Roger, apparently there is also video footage of the Nike LeBron 3’s experiencing spontaneous combustion

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So brave…

He already got your money.

You’ve done nothing but made his shoes more valuable. Selling them for $1 would have driven prices lower if by only pennies.

I bet that smelled like a Wuhan wet market


Lebron’s a piece of shit & helped ruin the NBA, so I’m okay with this. :+1:

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Rodger’s commentary has to be muted or edited. This all occurred around 4:30 am. Alcohol may have been involved.

Guarantee this is cheddar fag. I’ll ko him with a single slap

I always mix the guy who posts his lunch every day like a girl “I need to show everyone on FB and the OG my lunch.” And the ex mod. You got a big old fucking hog on ya don’t you? Huge fucking dinger on him.