My no gi worlds picks.

 just for fun.

Pluma- Terra

Pena- Yoshida

Leve- Lepri

Medio- Leite (in the best division of the tournament!!!!! the division is stacked!)

Medio pesado- popovich (stepping up in weight)

Pesado- Bastos

Super Pesado- Neto

Pesadissimo- Deblass

I wont edit these picks.....feel free to leave yours.

Galo: Pablo Teixeira
Pluma: Caio Terra
Pena: Rodrigo Faria
Leve: Lucas Lepri
Medio: Murilo Santana
Meio-Pesado: Otavio Souza
Pesado: Marcel Louzado
Super-Pesado: Antonio Peinado
Pesadissimo: Bruno Paulista

what are the best potential match ups? I haven't looked at the brackets yet.

 i forgot galo.  also i almost picked souza in the meio pesado, but popovich is at the top of his game right now and is very confident. 

You forgot to add me

Galo: Pablo Teixeira (only one in bracket)
Pluma: Rafael Barata
Pena: Rodrigo Faria
Leve: Lucas Lepri
Medio: Pedro Bessa
Meio-Pesado: Romulo Barral
Pesado: Tussa
Super-Pesado: Braga Neto
Pesadissimo: Bruno Paulista

Absolute: Romulo Barral

 refer to 1st post.  i picked 5 out of the 8 winners....made my picks on friday (puffs out chest!)


anyone know who won pluma and pena?

so far i got 5 finalists correct, and 4 winners haha