My not-so-impressive PR's

So i've hit a few PR's lately, and i figured, WTF i'll make a thread about it even though they arent that great.

So here's the deal.. when i was about 19 i had a repeated shoulder injury. Tore something in my right shoulder a few times badly enough that i couldnt even lift my arm up over my head. I rehabbed it myself, and at this point it's at about 90-95%. Considering that i also have long skinny arms, and a small chest cavity, i'm not particularly suited for pressing. So anyway, these are my excuses. LOL.

Well no more excuses. I decided to up the pressing, and in the last month or so i've hit the following:

BW = 210 lbs

Pushup: BW + 70 x 8

Dip: BW + 50 X 4 (after 2 sets of 3)

And just yesterday i decided (since i forget my vest for dipping) that i would do the good old bench press for the first time in about 6 months, and lo and behold i hit a fucking PR:

Bench: 225 X 2

Finally up to two plates on that bastard of an exercise (always been really hard for me) and i hadn't even gone near the flat bench in a very long time. Considering that, i fully plan on hitting three plates for reps before the year is done.

For a non-pressing PR, i did a one arm thick grip row (with the end of a barbell, as though i were doing a t-bar row, but NEXT to the bar with one hand on the sleeve) for the following:

1 handed, sleeve grip row: 120 (at the bottom) X 12 (with my LEFT arm!)

Needless to say i started out at a bodyweight of 190, and now i'm 210. Christ....

What have you guys been up to?


Before this thread, I was already better looking than you and far more intelligent.

But after this thread, it is evident that I can kick your ass since I am able to lift far heavier weights.

So, in summary, I am better than you.

Stronger? Maybe.

Better looking? Perhaps.

Richer? Certainly.

Smarter? LOL! You've got to be dreaming.


I can live with that!

Nice job Doug. Considering the shoulder injury, it goes to show how much your hard work rehabbing it paid off.

"What have you guys been up to?"

The usual. :)

I think i can hit dips + 90 in a few weeks, which will put the weight on my hands at 300 lbs. Hopefully from there i'll switch to some pushups maybe.. try to hit BW + 100 or 120 (might be too hard to actually get the weight on me) and then i should be closing in on my 315 lb bench :)


"The usual. :)"

For PR's i mean ;)



you know what, I thought I could do the same thing with weighted dips (BW + 70lbs). I knocked off like 12 of these easy a few months ago. I thought it would cross over to my bench, so I could do a massive 260lbs, lol!

Didn't work. Still stuck at 230lbs. :(I'm on a different program now though, so I'm looking to hit 240lbs. in another month or so.

You might have more luck with the weighted pushups though.

My recent PR's (past month):

  • TGU to Windmill to Two-Hands Anyhow: 85lbs. Barbell/35lbs. KB

  • Bench: 230lbs. (I'd love to work these more, but you guys have brainwashed me into thinking they're useless!! :p )

  • Snatch: 88lbs. KB for 5 (each arm)

  • Windmill: 88lbs. KB (each arm)

  • C&J: 88lbs. KB (3 each arm)

  • Snatch reps: 56 reps w/ only 1 hand switch without putting down the bell (53lbs. KB)

  • Suitcase Deadlift: 155lbs. (each arm)


I dunno man... How else could i have hit a PR after not even doing them? I figured it had to be the dips.


^^^Not sure about your case, but I know for my case there was no crossover. :(

I went 2+ years without touching bench, just doing weighted dips, and within a couple weeks of starting to bench again, hit my personal best for reps.

For the record, that's the ONLY exercise where I've ever seen any crossover to another. And of course I'm just assuming it was the dips that did it.

what no squats? Pusshew.

I recently hit a clean chin-up with around 139 lbs (63kg) added to 183 lbs BW, that's 75% added, wich I have never done before. I'm on the one-arm-pullup-mission.

I also did a strict military-press with 176 lbs recently, never did that before and never practiced the military-press with a bar, only the one-arm kettlebell-version.

Mixing the pure strength-moves with kettlebells, interval-running, tabatas etc I've noticed that focusing on endurance really kills my max-strength (and fast!) but focusing on max-strength actually improves my endurance if anything, definatly doesn't hurt it. Weird.


No PR's no. I'm working on correcting my pelvic tilt, which any real squatting will probably exacerbate. I have, however, been working on my pistol, and the form on the deep squats (hence the thread about 8 inch box squats).


How is what possible?

You did 8 dips with 110lbs (50kgs)?? That's a strong dip!!


Nice pullup! I've done BW + 90lbs X 2 when i was about 170 lbs. Not quite as impressive, but i think i'll get back up there now that i'm working hard at it :)


Does your g/f approve of you correcting your pelvic tilt?

I'm glad to see you're making good progress with your rehabilitation! I'm hoping for the same.

2 years ago I was in the best shape of my life; while I still had some shoulder/rotator problems on my left arm and hip stemming from a hit-and-run accident I had when I was 14, and minor nerve impingements, I was still doing impressive numbers on major lifts and movements, my not only did I feel strong but my endurance was up and overall health was great.

I've endured a cascade of injuries since then, first with a spine extensor tear, then the flu and pneumonia, and the greatest one occuring spring of last year; second degree burns over most of my body, which caused my body to SEVERELY atrophy within the span of a month rendering me down to a skinny-flabby 125lbs. (formerly being 165lbs at single-digit BF%)

Needless to say I was distrought over this and was overly eager to get back in the gym and regain my health. After a 2 month layoff I started up again, and retained a surprising degree of strength/neuromuscular efficiency. However because of this and my ambition, I started pushing weights that were too heavy, and greatly exacerbated my preexisting injuries, and discovered new ones. For awhile, I couldn't perform a single pushup, nor do pullups, nor pick up more than 45lbs without causing severe back, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain. I was forced to take another extended break... since then I have been making steady progress. I went to several different chiropractors before finding one that really made a difference and restored much of my shoulder mobility, and improved my ulnar nerve impingements. I'm now back up to 155, allbeit with higher %bf. I still can't do any pullups due to shoulder pain, and I can lat pull about 50lbs before causing significant shoulder pain, but I have been able to deadlift again for the past 3 months. Right now I'm deadlifting less than half of what I used to, and I'm benching 50% less than what I used to. Slowly but steadily I am making progress, and hope my shoulder and other skeletal injuries will improve enough to where I can perform other pulling movements again and at least approach my former numbers. Of course, matching or exceeding them would be awesome...

I've relearned things I had forgotten since then what it's like starting out (I have been lifting and working out since the age of 8) and have been learning a lot about rehabilitation and working around injuries since then.


I am right there with you brother. The bench has always sucked for me. I can remember being happy with triples with 225. My all time best is about 250 for 3-5 at a body weight near 190.

I honestly am not sure I could bench 185 at the moment.

TAKU<-------still slacking a bit

Hey Xen, thanks for the input. I've always been good with endurance and limited by weak max-strength so I'm digging deep into pure strength-training right now and have been doing some good gains (mostly in the pull-up). I was prepared to let the endurance drop a bit to up my strength but I don't seem to loose much of it.

Taku and Doug: Is the bench-press an important lift for athletes in your opinion?

Wish I had a dip belt =[ I love doing weighted dips. Never got close to 200 lbs, but still.