My official results/injury thread

So you guys enjoying giggles at my crossfit adventure, let's do this legit.

My first foundation class is tomorrow at 8am.

I will be your guinea pig for this often questioned and bashed exercise routine. I used to shit on it all the time. Maybe I will again Phone Post 3.0

Sub Phone Post 3.0

Good. Gooood this pleeeeases me. Phone Post 3.0

How the hell are there two different mags? Phone Post 3.0

It's been a half hour, you hurt yet? Phone Post 3.0

The_KoJ - It's been a half hour, you hurt yet? Phone Post 3.0
Too crippled to return to this thread Phone Post 3.0

He actually changed it to Friday . Thank god cause my chest cold was lingering

My friend who joined a month ago said last night was hardest workout he's done in his life and it was 100% body weight exercises Phone Post 3.0

First foundations class. Got humbled doing "Cindy" and ended up doing push-ups off a box while on my knees, lol Phone Post 3.0

Second foundations class. Fuck me

Ended with 30/20/10/5 reps of push jerks and front squats for time. Died so early on Phone Post 3.0

I was gonna start crossfit but I couldn't find a sports bra that I liked.

SLOtownG - You doin this for that chick you go hung out w? Phone Post 3.0
Guess not since she got set up with a crossfit fude from another gym and are going on a second date, lol Phone Post 3.0

Dude Phone Post 3.0

My quads and shoulders are sore as fuck right now but in a good way, not joints and ligaments feeling. Such a quick workout that did it Phone Post 3.0

go, Gritty go!

Foundations 3 out of 4 today. Squatted and deadlifted for first time in like ten years. Did reps with 185 on dead lift working on form. Had 165 on squat and was struggling for 3's. Jesus I used to rep over 315 as a skinny fuck in high school. More humbling Phone Post 3.0

First real class today. Workout was five rounds

1 min burpees
1 min rest
1 min row
1 min rest
1 min push/press

As many reps. Let's just say my numbers were at bottom of list.

Injury status-none Phone Post 3.0

Obviously nobody cares to hear about it but I'm gonna post anyway so I can look back at this once I'm a street certified beast

Tonight was final foundation class. Learned positions leading up to a clean and a snatch. Also overhead squat. The grip on the snatch with tucked thumb was hard to get used to

Ended class with a 21/15/9 rep workout between 55lb snatch and 35lb American style kettlebell swings. Took me 9 minutes, I was sucking wind

So now it's regular classes from here on out Phone Post 3.0

I can barely raise arms over my head now.

He did try to have a paleo eating talk with me at end but I explained to him my eating habits

Really hoping this makes my core/abs strong to aid my shitty lower back Phone Post 3.0