My open house starts in an hour

Over / under on cats puking on carpet during it?

Good news is ex is looking at a place today in my city . My universe would be vastly improved with my kids back in town Phone Post 3.0

Good luck! Phone Post

Chomas - Serve cocktails. Phone Post 3.0
Got half that right Phone Post 3.0

Of course first person was 6'10" Phone Post 3.0

Did she win full custody? Phone Post 3.0

Now is a good time to take a monster shit Phone Post 3.0

Gritty - Of course first person was 6'10" Phone Post 3.0
I assume he asserted his dominance over you? Phone Post 3.0

bake bread. do it.

10 competing offers for 14 million! Phone Post 3.0

you were at your open house?
from what I was told, that is a no-no.

I went to way too many open houses and never saw any owners.

Yeah, WTF are u doing there? Phone Post 3.0

I was always super uncomfortable when the owners were there.....
Looking at all their stuff,,, their drunk eyes , judging me, judging their baubles and trinkets .... Phone Post 3.0

good luck.  hope you chiseled all the shit stains off the toilet walls.

Naderhood - Yeah, WTF are u doing there? Phone Post 3.0
This. Phone Post 3.0

Good luck Phone Post 3.0

I was t there you dingbats Phone Post 3.0

you suck at story telling then

Gritty - I was t there you dingbats Phone Post 3.0
Considering your luck with sports predictions, shouldn't you have made a "my house will never sell for asking price" thread? Phone Post 3.0

Alright fuckos, I have some news.

There were two different women he could tell were def interested in it today.

Well an hour ago he got a call from the broker of the younger girl who was there with her father. She made an offer. We listed at 240, she came in at 230. She's putting 10% down and is not asking for closing costs which is huge at this price point my broker said. A lot of times the buyer expects that or a split.

So he's going to wait a couple hours and come back with this. This is a pristine house in a highly desired neighborhood on a great dead end street. There is a lot of interest and this is just the first day of the open house. His client (me) does have some life changes with family which makes it needed to sell house but can stay there for months if that's what it takes(not true). We are not looking to gouge but are not desperate. 235K gets it done at this very moment. If not, she might lose out on house as other offers come in. This is just an opportunity to cash in on it right now.

The magic number for us was 235. My payoff number from Wells Fargo is 225. Fees of selling it are right around 10K. Shit, if he can get me 234 and cover closing costs I'll sign that right now. 800 lbs off my chest if this gets done.

I knew it was going to be a good day when I was cleaning out stuff before the open house today and found a gift certificate that was a year old to the beer store.  Got to reload my Substance addiction.