My opinion of steroids.

Because not everyone has a health-risk taking mentality, financial stability or moral convenience of using them I think steroids and performance enhancing drugs are a detriment to an athlete's health, an illusion of success for active sports enhancing drug users and a crimnally dishonest act to non using competitors. Furthermore, it is my belief that if you can't do it naturally, then your achievements are not merited in the natural realm of humanity. Lastly I am extremely proud to be one of the upper tier fighters that doesn't use them and will continue doing so with courage, honor and integrity.

Drew "the master" Fickett

100% Natural Killer Intensity


throws away syringe

What the hell would you know Drew? Just kidding, good post.


flushes away remaining stash


What a truly fantastic post Drew--

You got "three-balls" to come out and post as well.

Good post.

Drew, so you don't use any performance-enhancing drugs of any kind?

What would you consiter "performance-enhancing"?

A little dramatic but I get your point, I think.

Everything sold in a GNC store is performance-enhancing?

I agree.

Everything sold in a GNC store except vitamines?

so where do you draw the line on "performance enhancing" supplements/drugs? If it's deemed legal in the US is it then ok to take or are we eliminating all sports supplements (protein powders, NO2, creatine, etc)? So would a fighter who trains in Mexico be able to take drugs a US fighter could not take simply because it is morally convenient since they're not illegal in his country?

And as for financial stability, last time I looked 30 days of Xyience NOX-CG3 cost $67.99 so in my opinion, nothing's cheap

Everything that isn't allowed at the Olympics?

Which drugs do you feel it is morally wrong to take?

Only steroids? If so, is that because they are illegal in the U.S.?

Xyience NOX-CG3 is a creatine, glutamine, and nitric oxide blend so assuming the Xyience sponsored fighters actually take it, that should answer your question. Creatine has a lot of benefits for anyone who exercises

" anavar, primobolan, deca, winstrol"

Those are baby-steroids?

what a liar...i hung out with him and all he kept talking about was the juice....

"pussy juice"

"pussy juice"

Would that be consitered "performance-enhancing"?

agree with Jweinberg. Most athletes aren't on size-building monster steroids as those decrease your endurance. Most that they do take increase the red blood cell count and improve endurance, the same effect as many over the counter supplements marketed as "endurance increasing supplements"